A Dedicated Telegrammer’s Competition by Admitad
Telegram Fest
15 Sep – 31 Dec 2023
Telegram Fest — the Largest Competition for Telegrammers in India
Telegrammers compete against each other during the fest while driving traffic to the partner programs of the participating brands
The top 50 Telegrammers will be gratified with exciting rewards. (They will be ranked basis the total points earned at the end of the competition) 1 point is earned for every INR 500 revenue delivered.
Unless you join the Telegram Fest via this page and specify all the details correctly, we won’t be able to calculate your points. Please refer to the rules and abide by them. In case you break the rules of the partner program or the collaboration terms of the Admitad Partner Network – you will be automatically disqualified from the competition.
The Winners get valuable Prizes!
Top 30 winners only
Special Prize – International Trip
worth ₹ 2 lacs
Top 3 Winners
Rank 4 to 10
Gold Coin
Rank 21 to 50
Four Basic Steps to Win the Competition
Join the Telegram Fest 2023 via the Join button! Read the rules carefully!
Join the program and push for the highest number of orders
Aim for the highest score and win attractive prizes
Choose the partner program that is most relevant for your audience

Join Admitad Partner Network, participate in the largest Telegrammer’s competition, and get handsomely rewarded!

Open rules

1. The COMPETITION will take place from September 15th, 2023, 10:00 am (GMT +5.30) to December 31st, 2023, 10:00 am (GMT +5.30).

2. To enter the COMPETITION, you must be a registered publisher in the Admitad Partner Network and join the COMPETITION by clicking the “Join” button on the given landing page and register for the COMPETITION. If you don’t join the COMPETITION, your points won’t be calculated.

3. The COMPETITION has a point system. A publisher earns 1 point on every 500 INR of revenue delivered.

4. The Participating programs have different statuses: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.

5. The COMPETITION scoreboard with the publishers’ ID, points, and position will be updated on a weekly basis and shown at the bottom of the landing page in the section SCOREBOARD.

6. Those publishers who violate the rules of the Partner Network or the given program will be disqualified, and their points will be erased with no option to join back.

7. The final results of the COMPETITION will be announced on the COMPETITION landing page in March 2024.

8. Between festive dates (15th of September and 31st of December, 2023) the Telegrammar should do a confirm billing of INR 4,00,000 as a minimum eligibility criteria to qualify for the international trip and other prizes.
Last update – 17 of January, 2024
Join Admitad Telegram Fest 2023! Earn, Win And Get Rewarded!
15th of Sep 2023 – 31st of Dec 2023