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Black Friday Highlights 2020 Admitad Affiliate North America
million Total Sales
in revenue generated for our partners in 2020
made by one top publisher on Black Friday
$ 1,4
$117k +
$ 19,7k
million Total Sales
in revenue generated for our partners in 2020
earned by one top publisher on Cyber Monday
$ 1,2
$ 12K+
Cyber Monday Highlights 2020 Admitad Affiliate North America
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Старейшая московская фабрика по производству ортопедических матрасов. Качество, широкий ассортимент, кратчайшие сроки изготовления и скидки до 70%. За подтвержденную покупку – 5% от заказа.
Оффер от первого европейского бренда, адаптировавшего одежду для российских покупателей. Скидки на популярные модели, доставка по всей России, бесплатная примерка перед покупкой. Средний чек веб-мастера до 20 000 ₽.
Новый оффер от онлайн-школы для детей и подростков! Обучение английскому в любое время для детей от 4 лет. Первая оплата нового ученика – 4050₽, пройденный вводный урок (бесплатный для клиента) – 150₽.
Оффер от хостинг-сервиса с выплатой за покупку нового клиента до 1400 ₽. Высокая конверсия, готовые рекламные материалы с запоминающимся креативом. В оффере участвуют самые покупаемые услуги.
Все программы
Black Friday
Cyber Monday
Preparing for sales peak
Decide on the categories you want to work with. We recommend you to pay attention to digital and household appliances. Read more about the tech boom in the US here.
Check if the online shop can handle enormous traffic during the sale. It’s especially important for coupon websites. Ask the Internet provider about the website capability and use special services like LoadImpact
During sales ad space costs more. It especially matters for affiliates working with arbitrage. Make sure that your budget will be enough for Black Friday and Xmas sales.
As the sale starts, users are getting more and more messages. Start early, when their mails are not overloaded.

Pay attention to the period of validity of cookie files. They can last for a month or just a few days.
Advertisers are trying to be faster than their competitors and start Black Friday a few days earlier. Other ones make it last longer. Read carefully about the sale dates and be ready to start with the advertiser.
Choose the segment
Test your platform
Plan enough budget
Start your advertising campaign in advance
Keep an eye on the sale dates
Check out the latest highlights
of the sales period :
The long-awaited sale
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© 2021 admitad GmbH. All rights reserved