A month-long publishers' competition by Admitad
October Gala
OCTOBER 1ST – 31ST 2022
The publisher with the highest number of points will be the Winner. Points are calculated on the basis of commission earned.
Publishers compete with each other during the Marathon, by driving traffic to the partner programs of the participating brands.
October Gala — the largest-ever competition for publishers in India
Who can participate?
In case you break the rules of the partner program or the collaboration terms of Admitad Partner Network — you will be automatically disqualified from the competition.
Unless you join the October Gala via this page and specify all the details correctly, we won’t be able to calculate your points! Please read the rules attentively and play by them!
Eligible Traffic Types
(Youtube, instagram etc)
Dropshipping platforms
Messengers (inc. Telegram)
Media buyers
Content Marketers/Websites
Social media publishers
Loyalty programs
Coupon services
Deal sites
Cashback websites
Not Eligible Traffic Types
The Winners get valuable prizes!
Plus Two Special Prizes — ₹ 25 000 each
Random automatic choice among all the participants on the basis of participation and engagement levels
Four basic steps to win the competition
Join the October Gala via the Join Button below! Read the rules fully!
Get the highest N of points and get your prize on the account at Admitad Partner Network!
Bear in mind the program rules and lead only high-quality traffic
Join this program and bring the biggest amount of orders
PAY attention to the status of this brand-participant
Among the participants choose the partner program – the most relevant to you and with the highest points for the order

The terms of the competition

Open rules ↓

1. The COMPETITION will take place from October 1st, 2022, 10:00 am (GMT +5.30) to October 31st, 2022, 10:00 am (GMT +5.30).

2. To enter the COMPETITION, you must be registered as a publisher in the Admitad Partner Network and join the COMPETITION by clicking the “Join” button on the given landing page. If you don’t join the COMPETITION , your points won’t be calculated.

3. The three publishers who get the highest number of points during the COMPETITION will be considered the winners.
  • 1st Winner (the highest Number of points) will receive 1.5 lacs to his/her personal account in Admitad Partner Network.
  • 2nd Winner (the second biggest Number of points) will receive 1 lacs to his/her personal account in Admitad Partner Network.
  • 3rd Winner (the third biggest Number of points) will receive INR 50,000 to his/her personal account in Admitad Partner Network.
  • Two special prizes of INR 25,000 each will be distributed to two of all the COMPETITION participants with the help of the randomizer. The choosing process will be recorded and shared with the participants in the social media groups of Admitad Partner Network – to prove the transparency and show the fully automatic choice.

4. A limited number of affiliate programs (offers) are participating in the COMPETITION. The participating programs can be found on the special landing page. The list of participating programs will be updated throughout the duration of the COMPETITION.

5. The Participating programs have different statuses: Platinum, Gold, Silver. The major distinction between them is the Number of points they provide for each INR 1000 in the order. All the programs are marked with their respective symbols on the landing page.

6. You will be awarded points for every INR 1,000 in the order withing the program participating in the COMPETITION. The number of points will vary depending on the participating program’s status.
  • PLATINUM STATUS: Each INR 1,000 = 5 points
  • GOLD STATUS: Each INR 1,000 = 3 points
  • SILVER STATUS: Each INR 1,000 = 1.5 points

7. The COMPETITION scoreboard with the publishers’ ID, points, and position is updated on daily basis and shown at the bottom of the landing page in the section SCOREBOARD.

8. Those publishers who violate the rules of the Partner Network or the given program will be disqualified, and their points will be erased with no option to join back.

9. The final results of the COMPETITION will be announced on the COMPETITION landing page no later than November 15th, 2022. The prizes will be automatically added to the winners’ personal accounts of Admitad Partner Network.
5 points / ₹ 1000
3 points / ₹ 1000
1.5 points / ₹ 1000
WhiteLabel Inventory – The Hindu
October 1st — October 31st
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